No News is Good News

I’ve never wanted any experience to speed up and slow down at the same time before, but we’re at 24 weeks and 2 days and I don’t know how else to explain it!  This pregnancy is without a doubt the biggest, most exciting thing I’ve ever been gifted, but I know what’s coming will somehow be even more special.  I have loved absolutely every second of this pregnancy so far, and when I tell people that, or they ask how I’m feeling and my response is always great, they look at me like I’m certifiable!  Some of my family and friends have recounted horror stories of their pregnancies, filled with complaints, sickness, aches and pains, and the like.  I’m so thankful that has not been my experience.  Honestly, part of me wonders if this ‘ease’ in my pregnancy stems from kind of a ‘pay back’ for all the hardship we faced to get here.  Anyway, I’m loving it and already making jokes (but I’m undercover serious) about how I can’t wait to get pregnant again after this!   My kids at school (7th graders) have been so funny.  They are protective, but also way too comfortable at the same time.  I’ve swatted away a few belly rub attempts already, and allowed a couple from my crew from last year, who I had when I found out I was pregnant, and have been (dare I say) excessively interested and excited ever since.  Some of them, who lead a much different lifestyle than most of us are used to, still can’t believe that this baby is (a) my first one because I’m 28, and (b) belongs to my husband.  Oh, do they keep me laughing.

So what’s going on with Landon?  Let’s knock out the basics first.  This week, according to my Ovia Pregnancy app (which, duh, knows everything) Landon’s hair finally has a hair color.  I’m thinking it’ll be dark like ours, but I’ve seen stranger things.  He’s the size of an eggplant this week, and if that means as little to you as it did to me, you’ll be happy to know I switched the theme to fun and games and it turns out that compares to the size of a G.I. Joe.  This is much easier for me to visualize, since my sweet, sweet brother used to throw them at me, and I know EXACTLY how big those dudes are.

Since the last time we updated you, some exciting things have been happening.  FINALLY, at 21w5d, I felt my first baby kicks on the inside.  I was laying in bed before I got up to get ready for work, and felt the strangest sensation.  Obviously, as a first time mom, I wasn’t sure if it was baby moving, or if it was the impending doom that follows your favorite meal.  (You know the one, you love it but it hates you)  I waited a couple of minutes while the, let’s call them gurgles, continued before I woke up Houston to tell him.  As the day went on I felt a few more questionable jabs, and finally did what any sensible person would do.  I sent a message to almost everyone I knew that had ever been pregnant to find out if this was, in fact, little man’s doings.  As the responses started flooding in (I would say trickling, but let’s be honest, we know I go big) I was bombarded with reassurances and couldn’t help but smile every time I read an affirmation.  I gloated right there in the face of my anterior placenta (the reason it took so dang long for me to feel in the first place) the rest of the day, more or less taunting it every time I felt a kick.  Take that you puffy pillow that made me miss out on weeks of baby kicks!  Just this morning, daddy finally got his first kick from the outside, and he was so excited!  Also, we’ve begun working in the nursery!  We’ve (read Houston and Leonard) gotten the walls and trim painted, ordered bedding from etsy, got every piece of furniture we need except for a glider and ottoman, and are hoarding everything in a corner and my in law’s carport until we can get new floors down in there.  Whew! We have been BUSY!

We’ve had two appointments since our last update.  The first, on the 24th of August, was a routine OB check up with Dr. Tinker.  We heard his heartbeat, a strong 146 bpm, and scheduled my glucose tolerance test for the 21st of September.  REALLY looking forward to that one…Tinker says everything looks great with Landon, and after some uncomfortable mashing of the belly, told us growth of the uterus and baby seemed to be perfect.  After speaking with Dr. Tinker, we went on to meet with our insurance rep, and are set to deliver at Methodist Germantown.  We had a high risk appointment at Dr. BK’s office this past Wednesday, the 31st, to check on Landon’s VSD.  Remember that the best we could hope for was that in the four weeks since our last appointment the hole had closed, and worst case scenario, though unlikely, the hole would grow larger as he did.  After this month’s fetal echocardiogram and general ultrasound, we learned very little.  There was no change in the appearance of Landon’s VSD, which I suppose now we can count as a blessing, since it was very small to start with and didn’t get larger.  The staff remains very hopeful that the hole will close on it’s own, but we’re working up a game plan so we’re prepared if it doesn’t.  These were not the results we hoped for, but we are still definitely better off than we could be.  During our scan, Trinity (who we love almost as much as our tech from FAM) made jokes about him not cooperating and being stubborn, and shared with us that our ‘little’ man already weighed 1 pound and 9 ounces (23w5d at this point).  According to the app that knows everything, that’s about half a pound ahead of average babies at this point.  We didn’t get any pictures this time, because Landon, in true form, was completely vertical (feet down) and turned around with his face toward my back. We will return to Dr. BK’s office on September 30 very early that morning and finally get to meet Dr. Joshi, who will be Landon’s cardiologist.  We are looking so forward to meeting  and talking with him, as we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from those who know him.

Until next time, please be in prayer that the VSD will close, that our little man continues to grow big and strong, that mom continues to feel great, and that someone can be touched by our story.  We love you all, and can honestly say that feeling your love and prayers for Landon and for us has been a big reason we’ve able to handle this bump in the road the way we have.  The reassurances and stories from friends who have and had children with VSDs accompanied with the knowledge of their abilities to lead active, normal lifestyles has given me such a peace about this whole thing.  Thank you all for lifting us up, please continue to do so as we work through this next month with poise and patience.






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